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You have reached the Tooth Implant Pros, where our primary concern, is helping you develop a winning smile you can be proud of. Our patients come from many different backgrounds, but the end result they all want most is a smile they feel confident showing the world. Although we may sound like a dental practice, the truth is the "Pros," are the implant experts we partner with; to help bring high quality implant dentistry to the residents of New York City.

The rest of our company is focused on getting the name, "Tooth Implant Pros," in front of as many potential patients as is possible. If you are suffering from missing teeth due to an accident, infected teeth that need to be pulled, or a lifetime's worth of poor dental hygiene, then the Pros are who you want to go see right now.

The Tooth Implant Pros (TIP), is a referral networking group - not a dental practice. Our team is all about connecting patients, in need of implant treatment, with dentists looking to add new people to their current patient base. Most dentists try to work on patients by day, and work on their marketing at night. The idea is to cut costs, but still provide enough information for the search engines, so that the patients who really need the help, are able to find them - and set an appointment with them.

Unfortunately, running an online presence requires time, energy, and resources. This is why TIP was created. It helps an implant dentist by allowing them to focus on what they are really good at - a dental implant procedure - instead of wasting time trying to learn how to get to the first page of search. We do all the online marketing for our partners, and we refer everyone who comes in through our system, to implant dentists, ready, willing, and able, to provide the results our patients want.


Implants Are A True Tooth Replacement Solution

Implants Are A True Tooth Replacement Solution

An implant, in concept, is a pretty simple process. The dentist will cut open the gums, above the areas where the tooth is missing. They will then drill down into your jawbone, with various drill bits, until the hole can accommodate the metal post that will be "implanted." Once that takes place, the dentist re-seals the gums, and allows the body time to heal properly. This healing process is considered a success, when the bone, and metal post, have melded into one piece. This "bio-fusion," which was discovered by researchers, a few years earlier, is the foundation for all implant dentistry.

Once the implant is a part of your oral bio-sphere, the dentist will start the second, and usually, last, phase of the process. The gum line is re-opened, and the abutment is screwed directly into the implant. The abutment allows the dentist to firmly cement into place, a crown that will not shift, move, or slide - a common occurrence in the past for patients suffering from dentures that were not prepared properly.

Once the crown is placed, a little polishing is done, and the patient no longer has a missing tooth. What they do have is the closest thing dental technology has been able to create, that is almost as good as the original product. A dental bridge, which was one of the best ways to restore missing teeth, is no longer the preferred option, if you are able to qualify for implant surgery.

And that last sentence is very important. Our Pros "qualify" our prospective patients, before we prescribe them a solution. This is why it is important that you, especially if you are the patient, contact us to set up a free oral examination; as well as a one-on-one consultation with a Pro, to determine if implants are the right choice for you.


Model Of a Dental Implant

Getting Implants Placed In NYC

TOOTH IMPLANT PROS IN NYC - (646) 455-3620

One thing to consider before shopping around town, considering dental implant cost, and a dentist's qualifications, is to ask yourself the question, "What is my overall level of health?" What many patients fail to realize is that what happens on one end of your body will have an effect on the other end. So, for example, if you are taking a series of different medications to offset several medical conditions, an implant may not be the best bet at this juncture in your life. Remember, an implant, even though it is considered "minor surgery," is still surgery. Whenever you have surgery, this puts a strain on the body. If you are not healthy enough, this could lead to further complications, either during the actual operation, or during the healing process.

In addition, the shape of your mouth, as it stands, will also be something the dentist needs to consider, before they can give you a list of options for you to choose from. If your oral health is poor, this may require a series of minor procedures to take place before the major operation. The only way to know for sure where you stand, is to visit with one of our Pros; and find out what choices are available to you.

To set up your free examination, and one-on-one consultation, you first need to get in contact with us. The easiest way would be to pick up the phone, and call us directly. Our Pros dental practices that run during the day; so if you call in the early morning, or late evening, be prepared to leave your information on their voice mail, otherwise, one of the staff will get on the phone, and help you get you started.

Another way to contact us, is to use the submission form you see here on the page. Funny enough, some people are not interested in talking with someone upfront. They would rather set their appointment up through email. We know this, so all you need to do is leave your information in the form, and someone will contact you back as soon as possible.

Suffering through life with low, or no, self-confidence due to how you feel about your appearance, is something that can be fixed by many forms of cosmetic surgery. Although many of these operations still need time to fully develop, cosmetic dentistry is, in our own opinion, the best of all the cosmetic procedures available today. If you want a smile that shines, but looks as natural as the one you were born with, then you need to make your way over to one of our Pros, and get started creating that reality today!

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