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Welcome to Tooth Implant Pros' web page for Boston. Our group helps clients restore their smiles with the very best dental technology available for replacing displaced teeth today - the implant. Research studies have discovered the almost 33% of the U.S. population have a displaced tooth. A few of this is due to our increasing obesity rate. The more unhealthy your body becomes, the unhealthier your teeth end up being. What affects one location in the body, will eventually impact the rest. To combat that, the Pros use the best devices, and understanding, to help our online visitors establish a smile they are proud to reveal the world; with confidence and pride.

Two appointments are, generally, needed to be able to finish an implant procedure. During the first visit, the "surgical treatment" part of the procedure occurs. This is where the patient will need to be sedated so the dentist can open the gums, and drill into the bone. A metal post is placed into the bone, and the cosmetic surgeon cleans up everything up prior to closing the gum line again. The implant will end up being a part of the patient's jawbone after a number of months of healing have actually happened. The second visit can take; and it's during this appointment where the crown is positioned once that's done. After the crown has been cemented on top of the implant, the patient now has a replacement tooth, and a rebuilt smile.

Although you may assume the Tooth Implant Pros to be a dental operation set up all across the United States, this is simply not the case. The "Pros" are really the dental cosmetic surgeons we team up with. These are the authentic heroes on our crew. All we do is link those Pros with our on-line viewers in the hopes of offering high-level implant dental treatments for places we work in. If you live in Boston, and you are reading this webpage, then that most likely means we have chosen an expert in your local area who, we believe, is going to be able to deliver an exceptional experience for you.


On the first visit, the basic objective is implanting a metal post into the patient's jawbone. This entails drilling into the jawbone; which needs opening up the gum line where the hole needs to be made. All of this cutting, and drilling, is why the patient must be put to sleep with anesthesia. Once the post has been implanted, the gums are sealed; and the whole area is given several months to heal suitably. In the event the patient seeking treatment has matters that need to be resolved before the surgery can take place, rest assured knowing the Pros have seen many conditions over the years. If your oral challenge presently stops you from getting an implant there's a very good chance the Pros can figure out a way around it.

Once an implant is stationed in the patient's jawbone, the body needs to heal the area for several weeks before the fusing activity begins. During this phase, the bone tissue starts wrapping itself around the implant. When the healing is finished, the implant has now taken root; and become a part of the jawbone. It is important that the body be given sufficient time to complete it's healing process; or the implant may not take hold, and cause issues later on down the road. The dentist will complete an examination to determine if the upcoming part of the process can be booked; this is known as the implant restoration. During the restoration, the gums are re-opened and the dental professional begins attaching the implant to the dental crown.

During this part of the dental implant process the dental practitioner re-opens the gum line, checks the implant to make sure it's fused effectively with the bone, and then starts screwing in the abutment. The abutment helps to connect the implant with the dental crown. Once the abutment has been screwed in, the crown is glued permanently on top. Once the cement has dried, the expert will polish up the crown, and get the patient on their way. It is not unheard of for a patient to have supper the very same day they had an implant restoration done on them. When existing dental technology is placed in the hands of experts who know how to use it, the results can be astonishing.


Every implant cosmetic surgeon offering implants has their own implant dentistpricing structure; but here's something I can assure you. The Tooth Implant Pros does not offer cheap implants. Our group is not interested in affiliating ourselves with anything classified as "cheap." The Pros we work with have been delivering implants for a minimum of two years, and their web-based reputation is sound. Those are just two of the ranking components we use to determine if an oral surgeon is a solid fit for our program. And although we aren't cut-rate, don't let that notion hinder you from knowing our Pros do offer highly affordable dental implants at certain points throughout the year. In addition, there are payment plans provided as well.

Price-shopping seems like a great concept when you first get started looking for a dental professional to work with. The challenge with this approach is that everyone else is also doing the same thing you're doing. Now some dental professionals know this, and they will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you into the office, before they do the "bait-and-switch" on you. Our Pros work completely differently. Our Pros offer no charge examinations, offer a consultation where you can ask questions, find out what next steps need to take place, and finally learn what the whole amount of the treatment plan is going to cost. It would be simpler to give you fabricated numbers over the telephone, but we'd rather work with patients really serious about having dental implant treatment methods performed the right way.

If you have a missing tooth, or some missing teeth, then you already know that allowing them to go without being restored is asking for serious trouble. With dental technology at the greatest it's ever been, with more experienced cosmetic dental experts today than were accessible twenty years ago, and with more financing options available than any other time in dental history, there should be no reason why your smile shouldn't as terrific as it did when you had all your original teeth in place. Let the Pros help you reconstruct that smile by setting up an appointment with us today!

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