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Dental Implants Bronx NY

affordable dental implants bronx ny

affordable dental implants bronx ny

Welcome to the Tooth Implant Pros webpage for the Bronx in New York City. If have not heard of the the Pros, and their unique brand of providing implant dentistry, than you're going to be pleasantly surprised by the time you finish reading this page. Patients who require a tooth, or multiple teeth, replacement, go through a very long, and tedious, process of calling around their local area, asking each practice what their prices are for performing dental implants.

While it may seem like a good idea at the outset, it ends up being anything but later on. See, not every practice works the same way. There are some practices that have no problem quoting you a price over the phone, because they know that number is going to drastically change once they have you in their seat. Other practices never give out estimates for that exact reason. Still others give out an estimate, and are willing to perform the implant for the quoted amount, but also warn you that more work may be needed depending on what they find during your oral examination.

Someone who is calling is running into these different kinds of situations. If they call ten dentists, they may end up with three, or four, price quotes; and whichever is the lowest is the one they usually go with. This is definitely one way to pick an implant dentist, but it's certainly not the most effective way to go about doing it.

What the Tooth Implant Pros do very well, is find dental implant specialists that have a certain list of criteria we feel makes them the best person to perform dental implant surgery, and then we give our visitors direct access to them via our website. This list is composed of criteria such as performing implants for at least two years. Many times dentists learn about the value of performing implants, and they go to a short weekend certification course to learn the procedure; and by Monday morning they're working on a patient. We feel this has the potential for a bad experience with our visitors; so we stay clear of newly certified implant dentists.

Another is making sure the dentist has a thriving dental practice before they decide to work with us. We find that if a dentist is hoping we help them from having to close down their practice, because they're not generating a sufficient income to keep the doors open, then there are, for the most part, the the right kind of doctor we like doing business. Dentists in bad financial shape tend to take shortcuts that can end up hurting our visitors. Again, we'd rather avoid all that potential negative experience altogether.

See, the Tooth Implant Pros is not an actual dental practice. We are a referral networking group that partners with one local cosmetic dentist per city our business is situated in, and we funnel all our visitors into that dentist's practice. Since we are sending many calls their way, and helping them book appointments to meet with new patients, it's important that these dentists do the right thing by those patients; or it could end up hurting our name - something we do our best to make sure never happens.

we select through a strict set of criteria, and we point our visitors in the direction of those Tooth Implant Pros, get it? We hope so, because when you schedule your appointment to see one of our pros, you are going to end your search right then and there. As you can see, we don’t just work with anyone – we want you to know that when you decide to contact one of our Pros, you are being connected to a dental practice that is at the top of their game.


Implant Dentist Bronx NY

Implant Dentist Bronx NY

With dental implants, for the most part, you are going to be dealing with one of two options:
1) Implants that are drilled directly into the jawbone
2) Implants that are drilled into the jaw, after some work has been performed to create enough bone density for a quality implant.

Dental implant costs are varied in that regard, because different methods may be required depending on the severity of the jawbone's health. This is why having a proper oral examination before a price estimate is given is so important. When it comes to implants, it's all about the health of the person's other teeth, gums, and jawbone. If a person's oral health is in question, then it could have a negative effect on the outcome of the surgery.

As a rule, all the dentists we work with offer complimentary oral examinations, and then follow it up with a one-on-one consultation, also free, where they go over the options they feel makes the best sense for you. Once a person has all the information they need to make a decision with, they are more confident about their decision, and more times than not, are happy with that decision once that result has been achieved.


So if you are in the market to have a missing tooth replaced, than the first thing you need to do is contact one of our implant experts by calling the number found here on the page, or by email using the form provided, and someone from our pros' staff will follow up with you as soon as possible.

In the event your oral health is not adequate to support an implant surgery, then the specialist will outline a plan they will use to help guide you to a level suitable enough to perform the procedure in. At the end of the day, let's face it - a smile is a great asset to have. We smile at our loved ones, at our potential new employers, at friends - smiling is something we all do on a daily basis. If you are not happy with how your smile looks right now, then why not take the steps to correct it once and for all?

Our team is standing by to help you gets started today. Living in shame today is a choice. Why suffer in silence, when implant dentistry is available to he;p you re-create that brilliant smile you used to flash on a regular basis. And if you always had bad teeth, then why not turn that all around by calling up to set a time to see one of our dentists today. Contact us now!

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