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Queens Dental Implants

Welcome to the Tooth Implant Pros in Queens, your one-stop shop for everything having to do with a Queens Dental Implants tooth, or even "teeth," replacement. Unlike other websites that are run by the owners of the practice they're promoting, the T.I.P. site is ran by an independent third party; that has no bias about the cosmetic dentists we work with. In other words, when we connect you with one of our dentists, you are being referred to a dentist our team felt was right for our visitors.

See, the Tooth Implant Pros is a networking website, and we network with dentists that must meet certain criteria we developed on our own, having been in the cosmetic dental industry since 2012. First thing we wanted to make sure is that every dentist had an online presence. There's nothing worse than working with a business that has an old website online, that doesn't show up right on a mobile device, or even worse, no web presence at all. No website, no Facebook, no Twitter - nothing, nada, zilch!

Our dentists are set up to dominate online, and that shows patients that they are up-to-date with what's happening in their industry, and the world outside of dentistry as well. Think about it, if a dentist is talking to you about how his/her practice is using cutting-edge technology to help you create the smile of your dreams, but has no online presence, how cutting-edge can they really be? We work with dentists that are serious about their business, serious about their patients, and serious about working with the people we refer to them as well - that means you!

Our implant specialists place titanium roots, also known as implants, into the jaw; so a structure, like one that belongs to a real-tooth, is created. This new structure is so sound, other tooth replacements procedures, like bridges, and dentures, are not able to compete. Yes they can simulate the look of real teeth, but when it comes to function, they are not able to perform to the level an implant can perform on.


There generally two kinds of implants an implant dentist will see on a regular basis
1) In-The-Bone Implants
2) On-The-Bone Implants

affordable dental implants queens ny

affordable dental implants queens ny

In-the-bone-implants are done more often than not; and require methods, and tools, built to introduce metal posts into the jawbone. However, and here's the key to understanding why implants are priced higher than most other cosmetic services; each implant is set to have the same result, which is a replacement tooth that will work as good, if not better, than the original. What many dentists forget to tell you is that each procedure is different because no two people are the same.

What may take an hour with one person, could take two with another. While one person may end up paying the bare minimum for an implant because they had the perfect conditions with which to set an implant in, others may need to go through several preliminary procedures before they can be ready for an implant. This is why we stress all our visitors to set up an appointment with one of our Pros first, before deciding on which dentist you are going to have the procedure with.

As a rule, all the dentists we work with offer complimentary oral examinations, so they can get a feel for what kind of work they need to do; and are also able to give you a price quote that is customized to your particular situation. Too often, patients are price-shopping, calling up practice after practice, asking them to list their prices. This is probably the WORST way to find a dentist you can work together with to help you restore your smile.

If you only focus on price, you leave yourself open to a whole host of issues you probably do not want anything to do with. This is not to say that every cheap implant being performed today is a bad implant, but there is a lot of truth to the old saying, "you get what you pay for." Too many people settle for the get-by option, hoping to save a few bucks, when in the long-run, the best option ends up costing less. Think about it deeply, do you really want to go cheap with something as serious as your teeth?


The first thing you need to do, if you are serious about having a dental implant placed, is to contact one of our dentists by calling the number found here on the page, or by emailing us, and someone from the staff will call you back as soon as possible. Remember, all oral examinations are free, and they are followed up with a one-on-one consultation with the implant expert the same day, where you get to ask questions, and the have the dentist supply you with payment options if need be.

In the event your oral health is not adequate to support an implant surgery, then the dentist will outline a plan they will use to help guide you to a level suitable enough to perform the procedure in. At the end of the day, let's face it - a smile is a great asset to have. We smile at our loved ones, at our potential new employers, at friends - smiling is something we all do on a daily basis. If you are not happy with how your smile looks right now, then why not take the steps to correct it once and for all?

Our team is standing by to help you gets started today. Living in shame today is a choice. Why suffer in silence, when implant dentistry is available to help you re-create that brilliant smile you used to flash on a regular basis. And if you always had bad teeth,

Tooth Implant Pros of Queens
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