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Welcome to the Tooth Implant Pros in Elmhurst, your one-stop shop affordable-dental-implants-at-tooth-implant-prosfor anything having to do with a teeth replacement. If left untreated, a missing tooth can bring about notable deterioration to the long-term health of the gum line, and jawbone, the tooth was on. When a tooth is missing, and nothing is set up to restore it, the other teeth on either side, begin to shift. With almost 100 million people missing a tooth in the U.S., we know more people are going to be made aware about their options for replacing those teeth. This is why our Pros look for the best dental innovations available to help their patients recreate magnificent smiles they thought they may have lost for good.

An implant procedure is made up two parts. The first is the actual implant surgical treatment. This is where the specialist needs to cut open the gums, drill into the bone, and implant a metal post, which will act as a root for the crown, into the jawbone. Once the surgery is finished, the body needs a few months to heal that area entirely. Once the healing stage is completed, the implant is now a part of the jawbone; and only then can the second visit take place. In this visit, the dentist will establish the crown on top, and the patient will walk away with a brand new smile.

The phone calls that come from our site, as well as the emails that get submitted from the forms we have set up on the website, all go to the implant tooth doctors we have partnered up in cities throughout the United States. These service providers are the "Pros" in the name Tooth Implant Pros. The team, behind the site, makes sure as many of our visitors are able to connect with these Pros as is possible. Through a specific ranking system we were able to develop, we are now able to select a partner based on where they fit in our process. When you a get in touch with a Pro, you are getting one of the best oral surgeons in Elmhurst.


The first visit is where a metal post is implanted into the patient's jawbone. To do this, the implant specialist has to drill into the jawbone. If the patient does not have sufficient bone solidity, then a number of steps must first be taken before the implant can be situated. Even still, operating specialists have developed many solutions for patients suffering from various kinds of oral health issues. If an implant is truly what you want, then the Pros can help you get there. Once the implant is in place, the dentist seals the gums back up, which helps the body to heal the gum line; and the implant itself.

It generally takes anywhere from three to six months for an implant to bind with the jaw. The body will trigger the bone to grow again, but this time the bone grows around the metal post. When the healing is complete, the implant will become one with the jawbone. In other words, the implant has eventually become as sturdy as the root belonging to a real tooth. Once the dentist is pleased with the healing process, the second period of the treatment plan is set up. This is known as the implant restoration course of action. During this treatment method, the root, or implant, will be attached to the dental crown.

The second, and, ordinarily, the last visit to the aesthetic surgeon's office is for the implant restoration. During this treatment method the expert will introduce the abutment into the implant. This necessitates re-opening the gums, removing any non permanent pieces situated inside of the implant while it was interfusing with the jawbone, and replacing it with the abutment. The abutment screws into place, and then has the crown bound on top. When the cement fully hardens, then the implant is now an official replacement tooth. Although almost nothing is better than the real thing, the truth is an implant is as solid as a real tooth. Anything that can be chewed upon with a regular tooth, can be taken on by an implant.


Every implant surgeon offering implants has their own pricing structure; but here's something we can assure you. The Tooth Implant Pros does not deliver cheap implants. Our team is not interested in linking ourselves with anything labeled as "cheap." The Pros we work with have been offering implants for a minimum of two years, and their on line reputation is sound. Those are just two of the ranking elements we use to figure out if a dental practitioner is a solid fit for our program. And although we aren't low-cost, our Pros are sure to offer budget friendly dental implant packages as well. In addition, there are payment plans available too - so make sure to ask.

The one true way to learn what a full dental implant is going to cost is to set up a free exam with one of our pros today. Over-the-phone price estimations are guesses made in the dark. They may give the illusion of a cheap dental implant, but when you finally sit in the dental expert's chair, and they examine you for the first time, do not be shocked if you are given a laundry list of concerns the dentist must first deal with before they can carry out the implant. At that point, the amount of the implant jumps way past the amount given to you in the beginning. Price quotes are great for delivering patients an idea of where implants will start, but it definitely doesn't end there.

There is no better time than the present to get your future started right away. That last sentence might get you scratching your head for a little bit, but if you think about it for awhile, you'll start to understand this is a true statement. Thinking about an implant is not going to replace that tooth. The only way that happens is by actually getting the operation done. To find out what your options, contact us right away, and one of the staff members will reach back out to you as soon as possible. Your future starts now. Call today to get it started off on the right path.


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