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Welcome to Tooth Implant Pros' Fresh Meadows page. On this page affordable-dental-implants-at-tooth-implant-prosyou're going to get the vital information you will need to determine if reserving an appointment with one of our implant experts makes the most sense for you. Missing teeth, even if they're out of view, is a possible hazard to your oral health. When teeth go missing, the remaining teeth start repositioning over time. Too much shifting can cause a whole slew of oral troubles; not to mention the incapability to breakdown food successfully. To steer clear of this, our Pros take advantage of current science, along with state-of-the-art equipment, to make smiles that look as good, if not better, than the original.

The title "implant surgery" is a little misleading. It gives the patient the suggestion that it's a one-time occurrence. This is far from the truth; especially if the patient needs added work before the surgery takes place. The truth is, in general, it takes two visits to complete the process. The first visit consists of positioning the implant into the jawbone. The second visit consists of working on the implant, so the crown can be appropriately placed on top. Once that is done, the process is theoretically over. When it is, the facial expressions on our visitors faces when they see their new smile is priceless; and is a huge reason why many implant dentists choose to do what they do.

The Tooth Implant Pros is not a dental practice. We do not have facilities in every area we operate out of. What we are is a connection between patients looking for dental implant treatment options, and specialists who want to add more patients to their data store. Our team is the best at hooking up top oral cosmetic surgeons with regional patients in need of this specific form restorative dentistry. To do this, we had to create a ranking process so we were assured to work with only the implant dentists we felt confident pointing our online site guests to. In order to make sure people value our brand, they first need to respect the dentists we partner up with.


Before an implant can come to pass, it's important that any bone implant-dentist-at-tooth-implant-prosconcerns be dealt with. This may necessitate a few appointments to the practice to make sure the bone is readied to handle the drilling during the surgery. Once everything is in order, the implant surgical operation can be scheduled. By the end of the first visit, the patient has a metal post fitted into the patient's jawbone. In a handful of months, the bone will merge with the implant; causing it to become one with the jaw itself. Once this healing course of action has taken place, the rest of the procedure is reasonably easier. The crown is fixed, and the patient now has a true replacement in place.

The typical jaw takes anywhere from three to six months to mend from implant surgery. In some cases it takes as long as eighteen months, but these occurrences are not very common. Once the implant has taken root, and integrated with the bone, the dentist arranges the second part of the process to occur. This is known as the implant restoration technique. During this piece of the technique the implant and dental crown are connected. However, unless the implant has incorporated wit the jaw adequately, the implant will come unattached, and cause major issues for the patient. This is why deciding on the right tooth doctor is so vitally important.

The second visit to the aesthetic surgeon's office is usually the last for a dental implant procedure. It's during this visit that the dental crown, which many patients prefer to be made of porcelain these days, is cemented to the top of the implant. This can only occur once the abutment has been screwed into the implant. The oral surgeon reopens the gums, gets rid of any short-term components they may have left within the implant, and screws in the abutment. The crown is then placed on the abutment, and the tooth has now been replaced. This brand-new tooth is as strong, and possibly even better, than it's predecessor.


Cheap implants sound great when you're typing that phrase into your preferred search engine; but looking for cheap, many times, ends up costing you more in the end. The timeless example is a bicycle. You can buy a cheapo mountain bike, and end up having to take it into the shop many times over the life of that mountain bike, or you can buy the best, and end up going to the bike shop for nothing more than repairs and maintenance every few months; if at all. Our Pros offer the best materials, backed up by the best knowledge, and great customer service - do you think they're also going to offer cheap dental implants as well? If money is an issue, than talk to the finance dept about choices you may have.

It's important that you understand any price estimation you get from any oral surgeon is nothing more than a guess, at best. The actual amount can not be figured out until the oral surgeon has had the opportunity to inspect your teeth, and the present stare of your oral health. Once they have a good understanding of what they're working with, and the work that needs to get done, only then can they offer a real price tag. This is why arranging an appointment to get a cost-free diagnosis, followed by a consult with the dental professional, is the best way to know what needs to be done; and how much it's going to end up costing.

Cosmetic dental treatments has reached an age where most people will never find out a patient has had any problems with their teeth. The end results of the disciplines, and treatments, being used today are nothing short of miracles. To find out what options are available to you, and how budget-friendly they can really be, set up a visit with one of our Pros today. Reach out to us now to get started right away!

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