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Welcome to Tooth Implant Pros where we service the area of Queens affordable-dental-implants-at-tooth-implant-prosVillage. with economical dental implants; and a variety of other dental solutions as well. Although implants are not cheap, the damage missing teeth can have on long-term oral health will end up setting you back much more. When missing teeth are not restored, gaps begin to form between teeth on the gum line where the tooth used to be. This will lead to food getting stuck in those holes, and that's where health issues can start. Missing teeth can also lead to a patient's jawbone quality to shrink. All this can be minimized with dental implants. And here's the added bonus - you look great when they're done!

Unless there are challenges that need to be managed before the implant medical treatment can take place, there are usually two visits required to complete a dental implant treatment solution. The first visit is where the implant is placed into the patient's jawbone. This involves cutting, drilling, and stitching - it is a major surgery. And like all surgeries, certain preventative measures need to take place before it can get going. Once all that has been dealt with, and the first visit is successful, the dentist will ask to see the patient again in a few months to finish up the process. During this time, the area that was worked on will heal successfully, and the implant can be completed. In most instances, the patient will leave with their smile back in place.

What you need to see, about the Tooth implant Pros, is that we are not a dental practice. We don't own a practice, or answer to anyone who operates one. We are a referral networking group. In other words, our major goal is to help unite patients, in need of proper care, with implant experts who are looking to incorporate new cases to their database. We work with oral surgeons who are the best in their field of study. The only way a dental professional works with us is if they pass our ranking considerations we developed to help us find the number one specialists in their profession.


On the first visit, the prime objective is implanting a metal post into implant-dentist-at-tooth-implant-prosthe patient's jawbone. This entails drilling into the jawbone; which requires opening up the gum line where the hole needs to be made. All of this cutting, and drilling, is why the patient must be put to sleep with anesthesia. Once the post has been embeded, the gums are shut; and the whole area is given several months to heal properly. In the event the patient seeking treatment has challenges that need to be addressed before the operation can take place, rest assured knowing the Pros have seen many conditions over the years. If your oral problem presently stops you from getting an implant there's a very good change the Pros can figure out a way around it.

It commonly takes anywhere from three to six months for an implant to fuse with the jaw. The body will cause the bone to grow again, but this time the bone grows around the metal post. When the healing is complete, the implant will become one with the jawbone. in other words, the implant has ended up being as good as the tooth belonging to a real tooth. Once the oral surgeon is satisfied with the healing process, the second period of the technique is scheduled. This is known as the implant restoration procedure. During this treatment the root, or implant, will be linked up to the dental crown.

Also known as the abutment restoration treatment solution, the second visit to the implant aesthetic surgeon's office is set up to finalize the treatment plan. At this point in the process, the dental expert screws in a component, known as the abutment, into the implant. This portion not only fills in the implant with more solid metal, which helps to create a solid basis for the crown to sit upon, but it also offers the platform for the crown to be fastened. Once the crown is cemented into place, that tooth becomes lifelong. The only troubles patients have with their implants happens when they experience a scenario that only would have impacted a real tooth as well. If someone has an accident that causes them to lose a real tooth, then there's a very good chance your implant could be impacted as well; if something like that took place.


Cheap implants sound great when you're typing that key phrase into your favored search engine; but looking for cheap, many times, ends up costing you more in the end. The standard example is a bicycle. You can buy a cheap bicycle, and end up having to take it into the repair shop many times over the life of that street bike, or you can buy the best, and end up going to the bike shop for nothing more than routine maintenance every few months; if at all. Our Pros deliver the best materials, backed up by the best knowledge, and great customer service - do you think they're also going to offer cheap dental implants as well? If money is an issue, than talk to the finance unit about choices you may have.

When you visit one of our Pros, the majority of them are going to perform a free of charge oral examination. In the event they bill for the examination, then they remove it from the overall amount of the dental implant; which suggests it's free when you work with them. What none of them will charge you for is the consult they will provide after the exam is over - this is always on the house. During this meeting they will tell you what steps needed to be taken, and what financial arrangements you can make, if any, to get the process started. Price quotes, without an exam behind them, are as good as any assumption you can come up with on your own. Take the extra step, and set the appointment to find out what the procedure will really cost.

Living with missing teeth today is something that only happens by choice. There are just simply too many options, and too many payment plans accessible, for someone not to be able to get their smile back on track. Get started now by giving us a call at the number found on the screen, If you would rather e-mail the clinic, then fill out the form, and someone will reach out to you back immediately. Restore your smile today; and allow the Pros to help you do it. Contact us today!


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