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Dental Implants Staten Island NY

affordable dental implants staten island ny

affordable dental implants staten island ny

Welcome to the Tooth Implant Pros in Staten Island, a one-stop shop for the dental implant procedure. If you aren't aware by now, implants require at least two procedures to complete the process. The first visit is the actual implant, where the dentist drills into the jawbone, and places a metal post into the bone. The second visit is where the finishing touches are put into place, and the procedure comes to an end.

Unfortunately, many practices are only able to perform one part of the procedure, and it's usually the last part, known as the "implant restoration." The reason this is, is because there are not as many surgeons as there are general practice dentists. Tooth Implant Pros bypasses this issue altogether. We only work with surgeons; those dentists who are skilled in performing dental implants, and have been doing so for at least two years.

Unlike other websites, that are usually ran by the owner of the dental office, our site is not part of any particular dental practice. The Tooth Implant Pros is an independent third party; and we only work with cosmetic dentists, we feel, will give our visitors the best dental implant experience possible.

Having been in this industry since 2012, we have developed a list of criteria we feel will give us the best chance of providing our visitors with successful implant surgeries. And we only network with dentists that meet that criteria.

If they don't, we move on to someone else that can fit that model. We do this because it takes the guesswork out of our visitors' hands. Instead of calling around town, looking for the best price on an implant, which is probably the worst way to go about choosing a dentist to work with, we make sure our dentists are set up to give you a quality implant, at an affordable price, with as little discomfort as possible - how can you beat that triple play?

One of the ways we make sure a dentist is right for our program is by determining their reputation in the marketplace. The easiest way to do this is to visit the major review engines, like Yelp, Google, and Facebook, to find out what the market is saying about them. The first thing we're looking for is their rating number. Most reputation systems online today work around the five star system. If a dentist has anything less than a 3.5 rating, we eliminate them from our list. We've found that there are many reasons why a practice can end up with a 3.5 rating, but we've also found that anything less, usually means the practice is not running effectively, and is better left alone.

Another area we look for is their overall online presence. Once a patient comes through the Tooth Implant Pros system, and are formerly introduced to the dentist, nine times out of ten they are going to deal directly with the dentist. This means the dentist needs to have a good enough online presence, so if the patient is forced to go online to look them up, they do not have to jump through hoops to be able to get the necessary information to get in contact with them. When it comes to our visitors, everything matters.

Before we bring a dentist on-board with us, we make sure we can vet them through our list of criteria. If we aren't able to, then we move on. As you can see, when you set a time to meet with your Pro, you can rest assured that who you are sitting with is someone you can believe in.


Implant Dentist Staten Island NY

Implant Dentist Staten Island NY

Our implant specialists surgically place metal posts, also known as implants, into the jaw. This helps to create a structure that is almost as strong as one that belongs to a real tooth. With a structure like that in place, you can see how bridge and crowns, and removable dentures, are simply not able to compete. While they are able to provide the appearance of healthy teeth, an implant is an actual tooth replacement.

When it comes to implants, an oral surgeon will usually work on two kinds:
1) Implants placed in the jawbone
2) Implants that are placed only after the jawbone has been treated to create enough bone density

In most cases, an implant drilled directly into the jawbone is the procedure most patients experience. However, and this is very important, the only way to really know what treatment you require is to sit down with one of our pros, and have them perform a thorough oral examination. Once this has been performed, and the dentist has read the x-rays, then, and only them, can someone truly talk to you about what your options are, and the dental implant cost will really be.

This is why calling around, asking for prices for an implant, is not the best way to use your time to get the result that you truly want - which is a smile you can feel proud of.

Each person is different, and the amount of time a dentist has to take with each person, changes according to what needs to get done. This is why at times, one patient will pay an amount that seems like the best price on the market, while another pays so much more, it scares you from taking any action. This is why all our visitors are constantly asked to schedule an appointment with one of our Pros, before deciding on which dentist you are going to have the procedure with.


Get started today by contacting one of our Pros by calling the phone number on this page, or by filling out the form, and emailing them. Someone from their staff will get back in touch with you as soon as possible. Remember, all oral examinations are free, and they are followed up with a one-on-one consultation with the implant expert the same day, where you get to ask questions, and the have the dentist supply you with payment options if need be.

If you are being serious with yourself, you know that a smile is a great asset to have. We smile at our significant others, our kids, and our friends and family on a daily basis. If smiling is something we do regularly, then shouldn't you feel confident about the reaction you are going to receive when you show off those pearly whites? If you don't, then when would NOW be a good time to get started down the path to a mouthful of teeth you can feel good about? Our team is standing by to help you get started today. Contact us now!

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