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So You Think Implants Are All About Looks?

The public perception about implants is that it’s strictly for cosmetic purposes. The truth is the majority of people getting implants are doing it for just that reason. They have a missing tooth, or several missing teeth, and they don’t feel feel comfortable walking around town with a gap showing in their smile. This is a perfectly reasonable reason to get implants done.

Photo (c) pero11 - Fotolia

Photo (c) pero11 – Fotolia

However what science is now showing us is that placing implants also serves a secondary reason – overall oral health. It seems when an implant is placed, it helps keep the jawbone as strong as it once was when the natural tooth was in place. Studies have found that other cosmetic dental options aren’t able to keep the bone density up to par, and overall jawbone mass begins to deteriorate over time.

With implants, you get to keep what you have, and in the process, your teeth look pretty good as well. You get two major benefits for the price of one – how can you beat that?

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